EP 067 – How To Improve Website Loading Speed With Brendan Tully


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When you’re competing to be number one, being lightning fast becomes a deal-breaker. But is speed really important for a website?

We talk about that today with Brendan Tully of WP Speed Fix as we go over some tips for improving your site, free and paid tools for better SEO and usability, and tactics for a faster website.

Listen to this episode to get your site ‘up to speed’!


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Episode Highlights:

  1. Why is speed important for SEO? [02:16]
  2. Knowing what matters: Speed versus usability [05:18]
  3. Cross-platform lag makes for a bad user experience [08:18]
  4. One thing is more important than speed – reliability [09:50]
  5. Monitor uptime to be ahead of any issues [10:35]
  6. What works and what doesn’t: white space, marketing tools, live chat [14:01] 
  7. Site Speed Bot: A speed test tool that looks at everything [17:25]
  8. Site host quality and location are important factors in speed [18:43]
  9. Image optimization reduces page weight [21:37] 
  10. Skip the process of building a page through a caching plugin [23:15]
  11. Common mistakes to look out for [25:53]
  12. Check the whole site: Your site speed varies from test to test [30:16]


Guest Info:




Brendan Tully is from WP Speed Fix, a WordPress speed optimization service. Having been in the space for a long time, he now owns his own SEO agency and has built a speed test tool that helps people improve the loading speed of their websites.



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