EP 068 – A Content Marketing Strategy That Will Crush Your Competitors with Tim Soulo

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If your goal is to rank first on Google to get most of the traffic, you’re doing it wrong.

In today’s chat with Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs, we cover how you can use Ahrefs to get started with content marketing, modelling content to make it unique to you, permission marketing, and why ranking first is not the end all be all.


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Episode Highlights:

  1. How online business buyers can use Ahrefs for SEO due diligence [03:41]
  2. Minimize your risks of buying a shady site with Ahrefs [07:43]
  3. Useful tools to break down the SEO profile of a site [11:42]
  4. Don’t copy content, model it & make it your own [16:16] 
  5. Ranking number one on Google doesn’t mean you get the most traffic [22:54] 
  6. Don’t put everything in one article: Study the search results [28:51]
  7. Ahrefs: a self-serve tool to get your content marketing started [31:42]
  8. Email lists and permission marketing [34:27] 
  9. Educate people on the premium side of your business through content [42:35]
  10. What separates a beginner marketer from an experienced one? [46:54]
  11. A Marketer’s job is to understand the market and its needs [49:58]
  12. Don’t be afraid of feedback – it helps with growth [51:32]


Guest Info:

Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and product advisor at Ahrefs, the most looked at SaaS SEO service. Tim has almost 10 years of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing. He’s always been eager to share his knowledge through talks, conferences, and in blog articles at Ahrefs Blog.

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