EP 070 – How to De-risk Your Business and Own the Racecourse with James Schramko

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To change the game, you need to own the racecourse.

In this episode, James Schramko and I talk about what it means to influence the racecourse, platforms that are easy to get into (but pose risks for your business in the long run), and how authority and trust can’t be bought. 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. What is ‘Own the Racecourse’ and why is it important? [04:15]
  2. Get people off platforms you can’t control & get them on to your email list [09:27]
  3. You can’t buy trust and authority; it can backfire on you [13:07]
  4. Amazon can be easy, attractive, but risky at the same time [14:18]
  5. Other ‘risky’ platforms people are most commonly present on [17:31]
  6. If you want to change the game, own the racecourse [21:08]
  7. Asking what won’t change is more important than asking what will [24:10]

Guest Info:

James Schramko is a Sydney-based business coaching expert, mentor, investor, and founder of SuperFastBusiness, an amazing resource for online business owners looking to increase profit with less work. He’s started, developed, and sold multiple successful businesses and excels in making the complex world of business simple.

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