EP 071 – How to Work Less & Make More with James Schramko

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Have you ever heard of the saying “Less is more”?

We spend our lives thinking about hustling and grinding to make money. But what we haven’t realized is that burning the candle doesn’t necessarily equate to being productive.

Today, James Schramko joins us once more to talk about how to become more efficient in making money while saving yourself from the stress and the hassle. 

Listen to the second part of our chat and learn how to work less and make more.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The relationship between website flipping and the human personality [3:28]
  2. Your main business should have a rock-solid foundation [6:42]
  3. Stop ‘doom surfing’ and start celebrating the lack of drama [8:14]
  4. Motivations behind James’ book and myths about the 10x rule [11:55]
  5. The best way to have money and power is through responsibility [15:40]
  6. The ‘Entrepreneurial Suckism’ List is affecting the younger generation [17:04]

Guest Info:

James Schramko is a Sydney-based business coaching expert, mentor, investor, and founder of SuperFastBusiness, an amazing resource for online business owners looking to increase profit with less work. He’s started, developed, and sold multiple successful businesses and excels in making the complex world of business simple.

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