EP 073 – The Art of Upgrading Your Website’s Content with Jon Gillham

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Content creation is an art that few have mastered. But there is a way to get better at it.

We have Jon Gillham back in today’s special episode where we tackle the tools for creating and updating content, using the right ingredients and methods to create the best content for a certain topic, and perfecting the art of creating great content.

Level up your content creation skills by tuning in to this episode.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Overview of today’s topic [03:17]
  2. First principle standpoint: Know the user intent [03:58]
  3. The work offered by Content Refined [05:32]
  4. Getting started with upgrading your content [07:02]
  5. Top tools for closing the content gap [09:37]
  6. Have different types of articles given a certain intent [10:24]
  7. Your article should resonate with your audience [13:52]
  8. Ways to connect with the audience [17:22]
  9. Readability is a big thing [20:10]
  10. Win a $250 Content Upgrade Package: Competition mechanics [21:13]

Guest Info:

Jon Gillham is the Co-Founder of MotionInvest, Founder of Authority Website Income, and Owner of Content Refined. Jon was an engineer who started out building sites in 2012 and slowly made a few thousand per month, working his way up to making $25K per month. He now buys and sells sites under the $75K range with his Co-Founders at MotionInvest.

To learn more about Jon and what his businesses can do for you, visit MotionInvest, Authority Website Income, and Content Refined. They have plenty of resources for you and provide help in buying and growing your first (and succeeding) online businesses.

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