EP 074 – How I Saved Over $100K From My Due Diligence Training

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Due diligence is often taken for granted when it’s the one that stops mistakes from costing you.

For today’s episode, I share stories about two website investors, one of which asked for help from me, why buying based on our emotions could spell trouble, questions to ask when digging for more information, the risks involved with different business models, and much more.

Put a stop to those bad decisions by tuning in to pick up tips on doing your due diligence.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Why due diligence is important [03:45]
  2. Prevention is still best: Buying a website without due diligence [06:54]
  3. Seeing the unseen risks: Buying a website with due diligence [11:01]
  4. People’s tendency to buy based on emotions [13:52]
  5. Information provided on the prospectus isn’t enough [15:40]
  6. Recap on what we’ve gone over [17:25]
  7. A mini due diligence training for everyone [19:03]

Host Info:

Jaryd Krause is the host of the ‘Buying Online Businesses’ podcast. As an online business mentor & entrepreneur, he helps people buy online businesses and websites and ultimately quit their job so they can have more business freedom. The knowledge and experience that he has gathered over the years are what catapulted him into becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

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