EP 077 – Why ALL Website Businesses Have Risk & How to Remove Those with Charley Valher

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They say that life is all about taking risks. But do you really have to?

In today’s podcast episode, I chat with Charley Valher, CPO of Valher Media, about invisible business risks, why it’s important to identify them, and what you can do to dodge or mitigate these risks.

Stop putting yourself in constant pressure and tune into today’s insightful episode on risks.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Overview of today’s topic [04:46]
  2. Invisible business risks and your relationship with it [05:45]
  3. Removing risk can add value to the business [08:43]
  4. The ‘$100K’ mistake: How overoptimism can blind you from risks [09:42]
  5. Three things you can do to minimize tech risks [14:18]
  6. The beauty of buying an online business [16:02]
  7. The importance of identifying and being aware of risk [17:12]
  8. Having two or more suppliers protects you from risk [20:38]
  9. Why identifying your sales platform’s next move is crucial [25:38]
  10. Problems are opportunities in disguise [30:19]
  11. Jaryd’s recent exposure to tech risk [31:39]
  12. Isolation and segmentation is worth a lot [35:25]
  13. Three takeaways on risk management: ‘You don’t need to risk it to get a biscuit’ [36:46]

Guest Info:

Charley Valher is the Chief Podcast Officer of Valher Media, a company that helps business owners scale their businesses and get more profit through podcasting. He is also the host of The Business of Podcasting, a podcast that aims to give podcasters the nitty-gritty of podcasting.

You can connect with Charley via Facebook and YouTube.

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