EP 078 – Content Website Due Diligence & Growth Strategies with Doron Wolffberg

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Are you thinking of buying a website but are too afraid to mess it up the first time?

Doron Wolffberg joins us in an informative and jam-packed episode about due diligence for content websites. We talk about the things to look for when buying sites that have great traffic scalability as well as the risk minimisation strategies that you can use for your website.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Diversity is better than having one monetisation source [04:13]
  2. Dealing with the downturns in his website business [06:45]
  3. Ways to minimise risks in a website [08:31]
  4. Find your niche and stick to it [11:14]
  5. The disadvantages in hyperfocus [13:32]
  6. Things to check for when doing due diligence [17:11]
  7. Great quality content doesn’t need backlink building [19:20]
  8. Two things to look for in scalable sites  [22:05]
  9. Pieces of advice for first-time website buyers [26:49]

Guest Info:

Doron Wolffberg is the co-founder and managing partner of Cliverse Media Ltd. He helps entrepreneurs in niche industries increase traffic and scale their website businesses. His extensive knowledge of niche businesses has helped him become a household name for website business owners.

You can connect with Doron on his LinkedIn.

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