EP 080 – How to Get a Higher Multiple When Selling Your Online Business with Nate Ginsburg

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You could be ready for the sale, but is your online business ready for it?

Today, Nate Ginsburg from SellerPlex shares with us invaluable information on how to successfully sell your online business in the market and what you can do to make the transfer easier. We also talk about what you, as a first-time seller, need to know before making a sale.

Get smart with your exit strategy by tuning in to this episode now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Your goals are key to your exit strategy [02:42]
  2. Two main criteria in determining if a business is transferable [07:09]
  3. Why some big businesses take time before they get sold [09:49]
  4. To get a higher multiple, be on track with your financials at an early stage [14:10]
  5. Your exit strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be a sale [18:10]
  6. Clarity kills fear [21:32]
  7. Things to remember as a first-time seller [26:28]

Guest Info:

After selling his FBA website business, Nate Ginsburg has since then dedicated himself to helping entrepreneurs and business owners maximize the value of their sales through business consulting. He is the Founder and CEO of SellerPlex, a company dedicated to helping E-commerce businesses plan a better, more profitable exit strategy.

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