EP 081 – Why A Better User Experience Earns Content Sites More Money with Tyler Bishop

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Neglecting the impact of time zones could influence the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

That’s what we’ll learn today as Tyler Bishop, CMO at Ezoic, shares with us how you can drive revenue by improving user experience on your website. We also talk about what makes Google so effective in the ad space and why it is essential for you to run ad tests.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. User experience is inexplicably tied to the website revenue [02:38]
  2. Buying sites is a good way to bootstrap a business [06:52]
  3. Three different ways that UX affects website revenue [09:44]
  4. What makes Ezoic different from other advertising platforms [14:30]
  5. Why generic advertising strategies won’t work [18:07]
  6. How Google is dominating the ad space [23:21]
  7. Ezoic’s top three ad test tools [29:07]
  8. How long should you run ad tests before you optimise it? [34:03]

Guest Info:

Being the face of the award-winning AI platform, Ezoic, as its CMO, Tyler Bishop has helped publishers, distributors, and creators drive revenue to their business through the enhancement of user experience and effective use of ads. They are a Google-certified publishing partner and have collaborated with multiple marketing efforts and initiatives.

You can reach Tyler through his email.

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