EP 083 – From $0 – $2.4K In 6 Months By Buying A Content Website With Jeff [Case Study]

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Have you always wanted to buy your ticket out of the rat race but are not sure how to do it?

Today, we’ll find out how as Jeff, a first-time content website buyer, shares with us his journey into the website business space and earning $2400 in just 6 months! We’ll also learn more about why passion is key if you want to nurture your niche.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Setting Jeff’s plans in motion by buying his first content website [02:11]
  2. Why learning how to do due diligence is a skill that buyers need to have [04:40]
  3. His reservations on buying a website [08:11]
  4. The nitty-gritty of Jeff’s content site [09:59]
  5. Being open-minded when choosing a niche [11:11]
  6. Making $2400 a month on his first website business [13:00]
  7. His favorite lessons as a buyer and takeaways as a member of the community [15:59]

Guest Info:

Initially reluctant to go on a website business journey, Jeff made a breakthrough by buying his first gaming affiliate website business. In just a span of six months, he was able to make $2400 and is well on his way to slowly replacing his job with a passive income stream.

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