EP 084 – Scaling Your Website Business Using Paid Ads with Kim Barrett

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What’s the best way to become the best at digital marketing?

Today, we have world-class marketer, speaker, author, and certified baller, Kim Barrett, from Your Social Voice and The Kim Barrett Show. We talk about all things marketing including the NOC method, how to market during a pandemic, how much to spend on ads, and much more.

Get into this episode now, so you can stop yourself from making bad marketing decisions. 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Who Kim was before Your Social Voice and The Kim Barrett Show [02:16]
  2. Switching from working harder to working smarter through running ads [05:52]
  3. Nailing your targeting with the NOC method [09:03]
  4. Pick up on the language your competitors are using [13:20]
  5. It’s easier to make mistakes and test on a cheaper platform [16:45]
  6. Spending on cold traffic and retargeting [19:08]
  7. Creative ideas for getting people into your space [24:23]
  8. Build trust by helping people through education [28:01]
  9. Take advantage of significantly low CPMs now [29:30]
  10. Add value rather than micro-focus on the pandemic [33:02]
  11. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities on the horizon [34:16]
  12. The best thing that Kim learned that made him the best marketer [35:58]

Guest Info:

Kim Barrett is the host of The Kim Barrett Show Podcast. A world-renowned Social Media Marketer focusing on Facebook, he is also an international best-selling author, speaker, and trainer. Having taught marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures, his agency, Your Social Voice, now helps businesses get heard on social media, and most importantly, build engagement, generate more leads, and more sales.

You can connect with Kim through his Facebook and Instagram:

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