EP 085 – Top 3 Mistakes People Make on Facebook and Google Ads With Ilana Wechsler

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Scratching your head on low conversion rates despite investing heavily in ads?

Facebook & Google Ads expert, Ilana Wechsler, joins us to help website buyers maximise their online advertising as we go over using email marketing alongside Facebook Ads and the mistakes that you need to avoid for both Facebook and Google Ad platforms.

This episode is perfect for those unfamiliar with paid advertising, so tune in!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Doing paid ads for content websites [02:34]
  2. Prioritising remarketing overusing affiliate links [09:07]
  3. Combining ads and email marketing on Facebook [10:52]
  4. The psychology of why people share and not share [13:30]
  5. Doing Facebook and Google marketing campaigns for physical products [15:44]
  6. Top 3 mistakes people make on Google Ads [19:24]
  7. Running ads will not be profitable the first time [23:53]
  8. Top 3 mistakes people make on Facebook Ads [26:08]
  9. Don’t write an ad that feels like an ad [32:20]

Guest Info:

Ilana Wechsler is the Founder of Teach Traffic and Green Arrow Digital, both dedicated to helping out online businesses generate more traffic through pay per click marketing. She also hosts her own show, Teach Traffic, which talks about different traffic generating strategies for online business owners.

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