EP 086 – What $1B in Amazon Sales Teaches Us About Scaling FBA Businesses with Adam Hudson

What should you do to get your FBA business on page one and stay there?

Amazon expert and ZonGuru Founder, Adam Hudson, teaches us what you can do to scale your FBA business and increase your profit margin by more than 10%. We talk about PPC and keyword optimisation as ways to drive traffic to your website and wade your way through varying niches.

If you want to rank up your FBA business, then tune in to this episode!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Buying an Amazon business in the EU vs the US vs the AU markets [02:07]
  2. Protectability measures on your FBA business [04:36]
  3. How to maintain your Amazon ranking [07:21]
  4. Banking on specific niches and quality photos [09:27]
  5. Tradeoffs in investing in specific niches [13:33]
  6. Scaling your business and taking it off of Amazon [16:28]
  7. Succeeding in Amazon despite challenges within the platform [20:45]
  8. How to prevent your account from getting suspended [24:42]
  9. Researching keywords with decent traffic and low competition [26:13]
  10. Optimising keywords to drive traffic to your FBA business [28:30]
  11. How to use PPC to get your business to page one [29:34]
  12. Increasing bids on keywords that effectively increase traffic on your FBA [32:03]

About Our Guest:

Adam Hudson is a serial entrepreneur who specialises in Amazon businesses. He is the Founder of ZonGuru, a website that helps entrepreneurs improve, start up, and eventually rank up their FBA businesses. He also offers Amazon training courses through his website Reliable Education that can help people replace their jobs with a passive income stream.

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