EP 089 – How To Run, Manage, & Grow Content Sites With Ron Stefanski

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It takes a killer strategy backed by a killer team to successfully manage and grow multiple online sites. Today, we find out how one person was able to pull it off.

The man behind OneHourProfessor, Ron Stefanski, is here to share his tips for making money on Google Ads, for finding great keywords, why building a community is important, and so much more.

This is the episode you’ve been waiting for, so tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Making money with content sites [03:35]
  2. The issue with Google display ads [05:41]
  3. The perks of using Google display ads with Ezoic [10:25]
  4. Ron’s go-to strategies for growing content sites [14:39]
  5. Think of your website as a community [16:34]
  6. Preparation is key when doing keyword research [18:52]
  7. The content writing process for his sites [24:36]
  8. Why keyword stuffing is unnecessary [27:24]
  9. Creating content websites like a well-oiled train [28:57]
  10. The ecosystem in the content sites community [34:31]
  11. Do small things at a time and it will add up [41:05]

About Our Guest:

With a vast experience in Internet Marketing that includes SEO, SEM, affiliate, and email marketing, Ron Stefanski has managed to create a portfolio of websites that generate hundreds of thousands of page views monthly. He is likewise teaching others with online businesses through his online courses which extend to his work as an adjunct professor in three U.S. colleges. Ron also helps others achieve success with their own businesses through his site, OneHourProfessor.

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