EP 100 – The 5 Best SEO Strategies from the 5 Best SEOs Online – What I Learnt from 100 Podcasts

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Interested in getting your content to rank in the top 100?

Today is a special one as The Buying Online Businesses Podcast hits its 100th episode! To mark this moment, I’m very excited to share with you some of the best SEO strategies given by the top experts in the SEO space that can help you—our special viewers—outdo your competitors. This episode is for anyone who wants to give their site the much-needed boost to rise up the rankings.

Come join me in today’s special episode. Tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The 5 guns of the SEO industry [02:22]
  2. Why you need to learn about these 5 SEO lessons [05:30]
  3. Stephan Spencer’s EAT concept [06:47]
  4. Sam McRoberts and the essence of giving the best and quickest value [14:45]
  5. Safeguarding your site in the SEO space with Matt Diggity [19:35]
  6. Doug Cunnington and the Keyword Golden Ratio [25:00]
  7. Gert Mellak and the ERICA formula [30:13]

About Our Host:

Jaryd Krause is the host of the ‘Buying Online Businesses’ podcast. As an online business mentor & entrepreneur, he helps people buy online businesses and websites and ultimately quit their job so they can have more business freedom. The knowledge and experience that he has gathered over the years are what catapulted him into becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

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