EP 101 – Eric Siu Shares How to Master the Game of Life

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Did you know that contrary to what most people may think, playing games or sports and doing business are actually similar to each other in more ways than one?

Where most people see two different things standing at the opposite ends of the spectrum, Eric Siu, Chairman of Single Grain LLC, sees two similar ones operating under the same concept. This week, he teaches us how to master the game of life (and business). We talk about the poker mindset and how it builds resilience in your business, the value of marketing, why you should start thinking long-term, and heaps more!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The lines where gaming and business meet [03:20]
  2. The consequences of overdoing work and life [06:05]
  3. Patience plays a big part in your business journey [10:03]
  4. What is the poker mindset? [14:27]
  5. Poker makes you numb to losing [17:29]
  6. How to build resilience in your business [19:21]
  7. Overreacting is better than underreacting [22:10]
  8. What kept Eric going despite bad situations [24:12]
  9. The great necessity of marketing [28:06]
  10. In what areas can you use marketing aside from business? [30:16]
  11. Simply making the sale with your podcast is just playing one level of the game [32:20]
  12. The value of thinking long-term [35:19]
  13. You only retire from something you don’t want to be doing [38:45]
  14. The essence of having a vision [40:54]
  15. How to start leveling up your life [42:22]

About Our Guest:

The incumbent Chairman of Single Grain LLC, Eric Siu helps companies grow through digital marketing. He has worked with several big companies such as Amazon, AirBnB, Lyft, to name a few. He also hosts two podcasts, Growth Everywhere and Leveling Up, and co-hosts another called Marketing School with Neil Patel.

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