EP 102 – The Best Affiliate Products to Sell with Matt McWilliams

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Not sure which affiliate product to promote or which business to form an affiliate partnership with?

Matt McWilliams will show you the ropes in today’s episode as we talk all about affiliate marketing promotions. Whether you’re getting ready to dive into affiliate marketing or are already a seasoned veteran, you can learn a lot from this week’s super affiliate. Today, we discuss how to launch successful promotions, outrank the brands, choose the right person or business to partner with, and more.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The birth of Matt’s affiliate marketing business [02:51]
  2. How to conduct successful affiliate launches for different niches [06:53]
  3. Why you need to stay away from commodity products [10:17]
  4. Finding the right affiliate to forge partnerships with [15:23]
  5. Commission rates are just as important as any other aspect in affiliate relationships [19:19]
  6. The evolution of an entrepreneur [21:35]
  7. Choosing the best product to sell for your affiliate business [25:42]
  8. What happens in an affiliate launch [32:33]
  9. Warming your audience up to your product before a launch [34:44]
  10. Finding the right timing to warm the audience up [38:29]

About Our Guest:

After over nine years of being in the industry, Matt McWilliams has already mastered affiliate marketing’s ins and outs. He is the President of Matt McWilliams Consulting, which specialises in Affiliate Program Management, Pay Per Click, Digital Advertising, to name a few. Currently, he hosts his own podcast, The Affiliate Guy Podcast, to help people take their business to the next level by sharing the latest tips, strategies, and marketing news.

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