EP 104 – 10x Your Content Website Revenue with Mushfiq

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Looking to scale your content site and be in the same playing field as the heavy-hitters in your niche in just six months?

It may sound impossible, but not for this seasoned website flipper, Mushfiq from This week’s jam-packed episode is all about what strategies you can use to scale your content website business effectively. Learn from today’s subject-matter expert as we talk about how you can pick your easy wins, why SEO and CRO work best when utilised together, why you should start doing email marketing, and more!

10x your website revenue by tuning in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Mushfiq and how he picks his ‘easy wins’ [03:44]
  2. Why people choose to sell good, profitable websites [05:11]
  3. Mushfiq’s website flipping strategy [07:19]
  4. Is it okay to purchase sites with a possibly temporary popularity bump? [08:31]
  5. Short-term flips vs. long-term flips [11:08]
  6. Things to look out for when buying content websites [13:20]
  7. Optimising your conversion rates to increase site revenue [15:41]
  8. Where to place ads on your content site [18:53]
  9. How SEO and CRO work together to help increase content site revenue [21:19]
  10. SEO strategies that are beneficial in 2021 [23:56]
  11. Tips on improving user experience [25:10]
  12. Does email marketing help drive more site traffic? [29:55]
  13. How to monetise your email list [32:29]
  14. The evolution of content sites in 2021 [37:17]

About Our Guest:

Tech entrepreneur by day, website flipper by night, Mushfiq is a master at buying, selling, and growing online businesses. He sold his first website in the VoIP niche in 2010 to a prominent media company now known as Slashdot Media. Website flipping since 2008, he has transacted over 175 websites to date with several 6-figure exits.

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