EP 105 – 6-7 Figure Content Creation Strategy with Joe Pulizzi

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Surviving as a content website business nowadays means treating your site as a media business.

Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, joins me this week to share how you can create a 6-7 figure content website business. Today’s episode is for any content website business owner who wants to learn different content creation strategies to increase their multiples. We talk about email marketing, connecting with your audience, how to choose the right content for your business, and more.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Joe Pulizzi and how he increases the multiples in an online business [02:46]
  2. Why buying sites is always better than building sites from scratch [06:00]
  3. What makes content vital for any business [09:49]
  4. The necessity of having an email list for any content site business [15:07]
  5. Two steps to connect with your audience [21:14]
  6. Is using various media channels good for you? [25:17]
  7. Choosing the right content for your business [28:21]
  8. Why consistency is critical [31:41]
  9. How to create content that stands out [37:45]
  10. You don’t have to overcomplicate your media business [41:17]

About Our Guest:

A serial entrepreneur, Joe Pulizzi has founded four startups including Content Marketing Institute, the go-to online resource for how-to information about the practice of content marketing. A bestselling author, Fortune Magazine has named his book, Epic Content Marketing., a “must-read book.” He has also authored two other bestselling content marketing books—Content Inc., and Killing Marketing—and one novel, The Will to Die. In 2014, he founded The Orange Effect, helping children and families in need of speech therapy and technology resources.

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