EP 106 – Why Google Ads Beat Facebook Ads For ECom Businesses with Mike Rhodes

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Facebook may be the social media giant in today’s generation, but is pumping the Facebook Ads machine with money the best way to market your eCommerce business?

In today’s episode, Mike Rhodes from Web Savvy expounds further on what makes Google Ads the best machine that you can put your money into to grow your eCom business. We talk about tracking and measuring the right data to know your ads’ effectiveness, why targeting has to be paired with creativity for your ad to perform well, what not to focus on in marketing, and more.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Marketing is either a slot machine or a vending machine [03:57]
  2. Why you need to start utilising Google Ads for your eCom business [08:44]
  3. Never put all of your marketing eggs in one basket [11:20]
  4. The ecosystem of running paid ads [12:42]
  5. What data to track and measure when running your ads [15:29]
  6. The wrong questions to ask yourself when marketing your ecom business [23:32]
  7. Targeting and creativity are the essential ingredients of a successful ad [29:33]
  8. The dichotomy of business [35:06]
  9. Setting a budget for your ads [38:44]

About Our Guest:

In the game for 15 years, Mike Rhodes is the go-to expert on online marketing for better lead generation. He specialises in Google Ads Optimisation, Facebook Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, and more. In November 2006, he founded Web Savvy, a company specialising in lead generation and marketing. In August 2014, he founded Agency Savvy, a company dedicated to helping agency owners scale their businesses.

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