EP 107 – Why ALL Website Owners Must Master Email Marketing with Rob & Kennedy

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Every content website owner worth their salt knows the value SEO brings to their business. But what happens if Google or Facebook decides to change its algorithm?

This week, Rob & Kennedy from the Email Marketing Heroes share why email marketing should be the new sword arm for content website owners. Join us in this immensely valuable episode as we dive into why email marketing is free retargeting, what mistakes or beliefs you need to avoid, and how best to engage with your audience.

Not sure whether to invest in email marketing or not? This episode gives you every reason to.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Rob & Kennedy on why email marketing needs reinventing [03:13]
  2. Why website owners need to start doing email marketing [06:39]
  3. Email marketing is free retargeting [10:13]
  4. Should you do opt-ins or newsletters? [14:07]
  5. The formula for a good email sequence [18:29]
  6. The most common mistake people make with email marketing [24:13]
  7. Is it wrong to keep sending emails to your subscribers? [31:30]
  8. How to engage with your subscribers [35:30]
  9. Why your emails should be short and simple [41:59]

About Our Guest:

A creative and a theatre lover, Kennedy has always had a passion for psychology which led him to study the power of influence, body language, micro-expressions, misdirection. And memory. On the other hand, Rob Temple is a hypnotist who has a knack for marketing, which led him to perform in various countries around the globe. Together, they founded the Email Marketing Heroes to help people grow their businesses by applying the skills they have acquired and mastered.

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