EP 108 – How to Double Your ECommerce Profit with Isaac Smith

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With countless opportunities brought by technology leading to thousands of e-commerce companies competing to be on top, how can your e-commerce business continue to generate more profit?

If you face difficulties in gaining profit, much more doubling the numbers, it’s time to leave your worries behind. In this episode, Summit eCommerce’s Isaac Smith teaches us the most effective strategies that enable you to earn twice as much as you’re making now. Plus, you’ll get to learn the basics of bookkeeping and the tricks on minimising risks and maximising profit.

Tune in now and learn how to systemise your business!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. How bookkeeping helps grow and scale your business [03:14]
  2. Doubling your profit by knowing your numbers [08:12]
  3. The risks of not keeping your finger on the pulse [10:22]
  4. Why you should focus on your profit margin, not just your sales [11:57]
  5. Factors to consider before reducing your prices [13:48]
  6. Staying on top of your business to minimise your risks [25:50]
  7. Making more money while working less by knowing where to focus [27:55]
  8. The importance of understanding your business [34:15]

About Our Guest:

In 2019, Isaac Smith co-founded Summit eCommerce Advisors with a mission to help a thousand eCommerce businesses double their profit. He once owned an eCommerce business in 2014, which he recently sold. His goal is to share his wisdom with entrepreneurs through Summit eCommerce Advisors and his podcast, Next Level eCommerce, which covers various eCommerce stories and other important topics discussed by experts.

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