EP 110 – SEO is Changing with Kyle Roof

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How would you want to find your site on the first page of Google’s search results? That’s the goal, right?

But in such a fast-paced world we are in, a lot of things are ever-changing. And SEO is one of those. In this episode, Kyle Roof of High Voltage SEO teaches us the fundamentals of SEO to help you stay ahead of the pack despite the changes. Moreover, Kyle runs through how you can give Google what it wants, and in return, your page will get more traffic and rank better in search engines.

You see, SEO is not as complex as it sounds! Tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Common SEO mistakes people make [4:03]
  2. Why do you need to monitor your SEO [6:24]
  3. The power of strategic interlinking [7:51]
  4. Remember, Google ranks pages, not sites [9:18]
  5. Choosing the right subheadings for your page [11:30]
  6. What is LSI? [13:50]
  7. How often should you insert keywords in your article [18:50]
  8. The expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness (EAT) concept [20:07]
  9. Getting more traffic through backlinks [24:34]
  10. Essential SEO tools for website businesses [33:44]

About Our Guest:

To help web marketers improve their traffic through science-based SEO strategies, Kyle Roof co-founded High Voltage SEO in 2014. After three years of research and on-page SEO tests, he co-founded Page Optimizer Pro—a tool that assists website businesses to optimize their pages for Google. Kyle also co-founded Internet Marketing Gold and is now co-host of a weekly SEO show entitled the SEO Fight Club.

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