EP 111 – What Dom Wells Learnt After Buying 40 Businesses in 2 Years

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A lot can happen in two years, especially in the online space. With that, what strategic moves will you take for your online businesses to keep up with the constant changes?

In this episode, let’s hear what Dom Wells from Onfolio has to say about managing Internet businesses based on what he learnt from his experience. Dom and I will also discuss the fundamentals of investing in online businesses and strategies to minimize risks to give room for growth.

Sit down, listen to this podcast, and take down notes. It will be beneficial for your business’ growth!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The types of sites one should invest in [2:39]
  2. How building a community keeps your online business afloat [6:41]
  3. What to do after taking ownership of a site [12:53]
  4. Advantages of email marketing [14:54]
  5. Strategies in running multiple websites of different types [18:22]
  6. The future of online space [20:14]
  7. Quick wins: can you attain them in online businesses? [29:19]
  8. Online business investments [31:55]

About Our Guest:

Website investor and international speaker Dom Wells founded Onfolio in 2018. They buy online businesses and map out strategies for their growth in the online space. Since 2014, Dom has been investing in Internet businesses as well as teaching other marketers how to manage such websites on their own.

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