EP 112 – How to Scale Your SaaS Business to $10M+ per Month in Ad Spend with Dan Martell

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With thousands of SaaS companies in the world catering to the demands of businesses across various industries, how can you stay on top of the game and reduce your customer churn?

For this week’s episode, we have Dan Martell, a coach of SaaS founders, to talk with us about the 3Ps you should focus on when scaling your SaaS business. We will also walk you through the strategies for retaining clients and decreasing your churn rate to maintain the profitability of your business.

There’s a lot to learn from this episode, so make sure to tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. What you should do as a first-time SaaS business owner? [03:04]
  2. Experimenting with your service’s pricing [5:07]
  3. Retention strategies for SaaS businesses [9:04]
  4. Bringing cold traffic through various channels [11:27]
  5. Dan’s take on free trials and demos [15:28]
  6. The future of SaaS industry [19:04]

About Our Guest:

In 2016, Dan Martell founded a company of the same name, which aims to coach high-performing SaaS founders to scale their business. Before establishing the company, Dan’s journey was not smooth sailing. He tried building companies in different industries but failed. Because of this experience, he wanted to help SaaS business owners succeed without going through a rocky journey. Thus, the establishment of SaaS Academy.

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