EP 113 – Why Buying an Amazon Business is Not For Beginners with Coran Woodmass

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Starting a business on Amazon is a high-risk, high-reward journey. So if you are a beginner, the platform may be tricky for you.

In this episode, FBA Broker and Summit Capital International’s Coran Woodmass will let you understand how Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) works. We will also discuss the issues you may face as a seller on the platform, various FBA business models, doing due diligence for an FBA business, and more. 

It’s a value-packed episode! So if you are planning to buy or start an Amazon business, this one’s for you! Tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Growth in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses acquisition [3:50]
  2. Different types of FBA businesses [8:14]
  3. Remember, not every category is the same in FBA [15:56]
  4. The basics of doing FBA business due diligence [19:00]
  5. Identifying the sales and marketing of a business [21:41]
  6. Importance of logistics and inventory management [26:19]
  7. Understanding the issues and risks of being too reliant on Amazon [32:56]
  8. Where to buy an FBA business [38:20]

About Our Guest:

In mid-2015, Coran became a broker and has been involved in numerous transactions with hundreds of buyers and sellers. After noticing a trend towards more Amazon FBA businesses being ready to sell and more buyers looking for FBA businesses to buy, he launched The FBA Broker™ in mid-2016. Four years later, he founded Summit Capital International in 2020, a company that assists business owners toward growth.

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