EP 114 – The Art of Building an Amazon Business with Stephen Somers

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New to Amazon? You probably have a long list of questions on how to manage and scale up your e-commerce business. Well, don’t beat yourself up. We got you covered!

In this episode, Marketplace Superheroes’ Stephen Somers will answer questions about the basics of having an Amazon business. You won’t be left in the loop for long. We will discuss how you can get finances for your enterprise and the things you need to do so you won’t run out of stock. Plus, we also cover the steps you need to take to put yourself in a great mental state which is important in managing your business.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Stephen’s philosophy on diversifying your Amazon business [3:00]
  2. Deciding the amount of stock to purchase [5:42]
  3. Tips to avoid running out of stock [13:35]
  4. Getting finance to scale your Amazon business [17:28]
  5. PPC and marketing [21:04]
  6. Things to remember when scaling up [26:07]
  7. The three statuses of products [28:01]
  8. Maintaining a solid mentality [34:11]

About Our Guest:

Stephen Somers is a digital entrepreneur on Amazon for seven years. Eventually, he collaborated with his mentor and fellow salesman, Robert Ricky, which led to the establishment of Marketplace Superheroes in 2015. Their goal is to help ambitious individuals build their business and provide training programs for anyone aspiring to be a successful Amazon seller.

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