EP 115 – Controversial SEO That Makes More Money with Craig Campbell

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Buying a website is just the beginning of your online business success story. You have to go through countless SEO processes to grow your website and make more money. What are these, and how do you do them correctly?

In this episode, SEO expert Craig Campbell shares valuable SEO hacks you can follow to grow your website. We also discuss the fundamentals of a silo and how to create a great user experience using data. Moreover, we’ll teach you how to audit your website’s content and what SEO tools to use for your site’s development.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. What is a silo structure? [03:21]
  2. Knowing when to change a website’s structure [7:29]
  3. The basics of website content auditing [11:59]
  4. The future of content websites that do the same thing [15:37]
  5. Improving your site’s user experience [21:52]
  6. Auditing links on a site and removing spammy backlinks [27:43]
  7. Are links with low domain ratings spammy? [33:14]
  8. Craig’s top 5 SEO tools & recommendations [35:18]
  9. Best tips for first-time website content owners [39:21]

About Our Guest:

Glasgow-based SEO expert Craig Campbell is the founder of a digital marketing agency of the same name. It aims to provide digital entrepreneurs with consultancy and training to develop their skills in digital marketing and improve their online reputation management. In his 18 years of experience in SEO, he has gained substantial knowledge regarding the process and other digital marketing services.

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