EP 116 – Why Most Affiliates Will Crumble (with Emilia Gardner)

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With thousands and millions of information people find on the Internet, what type of content would you want your website to reflect? Is writing affiliate content better than providing informative articles?

In this episode, website builder and investor Emilia Gardner will give us a gist of her experience in buying websites and running them. Emilia also shares essential tips for beginners who plan to build or buy an online business and why affiliate sites are most likely to have a hard time in the future.

Tune in now, and help make the Internet great again!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Buying websites and learning from experience [3:24]
  2. Choosing the right type of online business to buy [9:32]
  3. Running a website: Is doing it by yourself the right choice? [15:13]
  4. Tips when buying an online business for the first time [16:54]
  5. How does Emilia manage multiple sites? [22:27]
  6. Info articles with ads vs. Affiliate content [29:42]
  7. The AI-generated content [35:03]
  8. Knowing which aspects to focus on when growing a site [39:58]

About Our Guest:

Author, website builder, and investor Emilia Gardner worked as a lawyer for ten years. Now, she’s focusing on building up websites as a replacement for her full-time career. Her passion for writing has helped her manage content sites and deliver informative articles, which monetize through display ads. With her experience and knowledge in starting, growing, and selling content sites, one of her objectives is to share her learnings with aspiring online business marketers.

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