EP 118 – How to Scale an Amazon Business from $400K to $1.5M per Month with Matt

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“Here’s the goal: earn six figures per month on Amazon.” Nah, scratch that, make it seven figures and up! 

In this episode, we have Automate to Sell’s Matthew Fraser to talk about his journey towards achieving that $1.5 million profit per month. Also, we will discuss the ways to de-risk a business and the importance of having people to work with you and for you. Remember, if you work hard and work smart, massively improving your online business is within reach. 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Growing your business via acquisition [3:51]
  2. Why Matt joined coaching plus Mastermind [5:13]
  3. The risks of selling products from a manufacturer [7:51]
  4. Advantages of investing in coaching and programs [9:38]
  5. Hiring people for business growth [11:43]
  6. How hiring more people gives you more time [13:44]
  7. Changes in Matt’s life as his business continues to scale up [18:06]

About Our Guest:

In 2020, Matthew Fraser co-founded Automate to Sell to partner with Amazon sellers and help them scale their e-commerce business worldwide. Now, Matt is an online business owner who sells across Amazon FBA and D2C channels in Australia, America, and Europe.

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