EP 119 – Why Most Niche Website Content Sucks and What to Do Differently (with Ben Adler)

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Stuffed keywords, pages bombarded with ads, outdated articles—you know these aren’t the things both Google and the Internet users want to find on your niche website, right?

If you are looking for ideas on how to make your content website better, listen to this episode as Affiliate Niche Builder’s Ben Adler talks about his experiences in buying and managing a website. We will cover topics like keyword research, due diligence, and everything that makes your content better!

Do you want to make great improvements to your website? Tune in now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Buying and selling websites [3:17]
  2. Content site vs. review site [6:09]
  3. Hacks to rank your website through keyword research [10:29]
  4. First website Ben bought and what we can learn from it [12:46]
  5. Playing the long game [16:40]
  6. What to do before buying a website [18:50]
  7. Applying SEO on informative articles [20:18]
  8. Always do your research for your content [25:30]
  9. Things to focus on when managing a website [28:25]

About Our Guest:

Owner of affiliatenichebuilders.com, Ben Adler aims to help website owners and bloggers earn passive income. In 2021, he founded Keyword Chef, a keyword tool, which publishers can use to make valuable content that will surely rank in search engines.

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