EP 121 – How to Scale an Amazon Business Using Shopify (with Chase Clymer)

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You can scale your Amazon business in varying ways, even outside the Internet-based enterprise. The key is to find the right site that reaches your target market. How so?

Tune in to this episode as Electric Eye’s Chase Clymer and I discuss how to scale your Amazon business by using Shopify and other websites off of Amazon. We will also walk you through the basics of understanding your target audience so you will know where to place your shopping advertisements. Plus, you’ll learn how to tighten up your email marketing.

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Episode Highlights:

Episode Highlights:

  1. Knowing where to start when diversifying off of Amazon [2:55]
  2. SEO and content that drives traffic [5:52]
  3. How important is it to update your website constantly? [7:34]
  4. Understanding your target market to find the right platform [9:07]
  5. Making sales off of Amazon [11:43]
  6. Having shopping ads for cold traffic [16:29]
  7. Email marketing for e-commerce [18:59]

About Our Guest:

Chase Clymer is the co-founder of Electric Eye Agency—a design and marketing agency dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs on the Internet to make more money online and entice more customers through their branding. Chase is also the host of the Honest Ecommerce podcast, which provides advice to online store owners.

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