EP 122 – How to Make 20-300% More Money In Your Online Business (with John Ainsworth)

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Everyone with an online business certainly wants to grow their sales. But not everybody exactly knows if they’re doing it right. Could it be that they’re not taking a good look at their data?

My guest for this episode is John Ainsworth, Founder and CEO of his own company Data Driven Marketing.  He’s here to tell you why keeping track of your data is healthy and imperative to growing your online business. From the number of people opting in, to having the right kind of backend set up. John is the ultimate go-to guy in my book for valuable advice on the matter. 

Make yourself comfy and get on the podcast today, because this episode could simply be exactly what you need to get those dollar digits up!

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Episode Highlights:

Episode Highlights:

  1. Why data is god for growing online businesses [3:06]
    1. Know your data for every nook and cranny [3:33]
    2. Keep track of you data weekly to know where you stand and spot errors [4:35]
    3. Identify what worked and how you can make it better [6:13]
  2. Why tracking customer discovery process is crucial and how to convert that into profit [7:45]
  3. Common mistakes to avoid when tracking data and how to improve on it [11:33]
  4. Email opt-ins and other “usual suspects” you need to keep track off in your business [16:19]
  5. The biggest no-no you might be doing when making ads [19:01]
    1. Not having the proper funnel set up [20:02]
    2. Failing to make your ROAS work for you [21:21]
  6. Get your money back A-stat with the tripwire funnel [23:02]
  7. Ads, conversion, funnel– where to start? [28:08]
  8. Fill in the gaps first, optimize after [31:53]
  9. Reach out to John Ainsworth to learn more [38:51]

About Our Guest:

John Ainsworth is the founder and CEO of Data Driven Marketing. A company that helps online content creators increase their revenue by 20-300% through awesome marketing funnels. He’s been building funnels for 10 years and is a digital nomad much of the time.

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