EP 123: $18K Profit for 1 Week of Work by Flipping Websites (with Adam Smith)

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Flipping websites can help you earn thousands of dollars. You just have to know the right thing to do as you buy, grow, and sell them. Don’t know how?

In this episode, Niche Website Builder’s Adam Smith and I will reveal to you the secrets to growing websites you just bought so you can sell them at a higher price. We will also share with you the factors you need to consider when purchasing a website and when is the best time to sell your online business.

If you want to become a successful website flipper, then listen to this episode today!

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Episode Highlights:

Episode Highlights:

  1. Adam’s journey in buying websites [3:15]
  2. Quitting your job to do website flipping [5:58]
  3. How to become an attractive buyer [9:00]
  4. Essential elements to add to a content website [12:57]
  5. Buying price and selling price [17:30]
  6. Keeping your business for a longer-term [19:04]
  7. Things to remember when buying a website to flip [20:01]
  8. Why you should start buying and growing your website now [23:46]

About Our Guest:

Adam Smith is the co-founder of Niche Website Builders. Since 2019, the agency has assisted online entrepreneurs or investors in building their content sites for it to be profitable. Adam Smith also worked as an SEO specialist in 2018 at Amazon Affiliate Expert.

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