EP 124: How To Make More Money With Your Affiliate Website (with Doug Cunnington)


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Do you own an affiliate site? How about a content site? If you answered either a yes or a no, did you know that you can actually earn more with having one?

Joining me for this episode is a good friend of mine, Doug Cunnington of the Niche Site Project. Doug also owns a ton of affiliate websites and he’s here to share some golden advice on what most affiliate sites owners are doing wrong, so you won’t have to! You will learn tons of nifty tips and tricks to master the game! From better user experience for your customers, how to get your email marketing and niche market expertise A-game on. And best of all– how this can replace your income!


Sounds exciting?  Listen in today because affiliate websites may just be the silver bullet you need for your online business!

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Episode Highlights:

Episode Highlights:

  1. What’s better– ad revenue site or an affiliate revenue site?  [3:38]
  2. How Doug does it with having multiple niche sites.  [6:17]
  3. EAT when you’re not the face of the business and other things Doug does.  [8:25]
  4. Exchanging thoughts:  What does Jaryd do?  [11:39]
  5. Must-do’s when getting affiliate sites or experts on board in your business.  [14:37]
  6. A well placed digital footprint is everything.  [16;30]
  7. Reach out, take action and don’t get left behind.  [23:54]
    • Lack of affiliate links and sinking them at the bottom.  [18:39]
    • Never underestimate the power of link building.  [19:52]
    • Aim for the big picture and long term approach.  [22:07]
    • Reach out, take action and don’t get left behind.  [23:54]
  8. Never try to do it all. EVER.  [25:08]
  9. Why scaling up too fast too soon hardly works.  [28:21]
  10. Let’s talk about user experience, are you serving it?  [31:38]
  11. What Doug Does: Useful tricks for better user experience.  [35:44]
  12. Getting your email marketing for your affiliate sites right.  [40:32]
  13. What’s next after stringing the bait via email opt in?  [45:26]
  14. What is F.I.R.E.?  [47:44]
  15. You don’t have to be frugal all the time.  [52:12]
  16. Understanding your annual expenses and applying the 4% rule.  [54:52]


About Our Guest:

Doug Cunnington is a gun in the SEO industry.  His work has been featured all over the internet including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and much more. Doug is also a Project Management Professional, and the creator of the KeyWord Golden Ratio, and is a master at Internet Marketing and Course Creating.

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