EP 127: Building A Brand with Loyal & Repeat Customers Through Ethical Acquisition with Jordan West


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Getting more customers is always great! But getting them to stick around? Well that’s another story.

That’s precisely what my pal Jordan West of Mindful Marketing puts his money on! In this episode, Jordan breaks down why cultivating healthy relationships with your return customers is key in growing your business. 

It’s a rather simple topic but bursting with golden nuggets of wisdom in it! 

Whatever type of business you are running, hit that play button now because this is something everyone needs to know.


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Episode Highlights:

Episode Highlights:

  1. The value in buying business vs. starting from scratch [04:57]
  2. A game of chess: Jordan’s strategy on buying business to cash in big [08:29]
    1. Definition of a tuck under business [11:19]
    2. Loyal followings are a greenlight to scale your business [12:35]
    3. Manage your VIP groups like a pro [15:08]
    4. What comes next? Cold marketing or remarketing? [17:38]
    5. Neat tricks on how to scale up the customer journey [20:11]
  3. The difference between micro-thinking and macro-thinking [23:55]
  4. “False scarcity just erodes trust.” – Jordan West [27:02]
  5. Answering the why’s and how’s to win your email marketing game [29:35]
  6. Reach out and learn more from Jordan [33:08]


About Our Guest:

Jordan West is the founder and CEO of Mindful Marketing where cashes in on his passion in helping e-commerce brands grow their net worth.  Jordan started marketing at the age of 22 when he bought a restaurant franchise.  This experience proved to be a deep learning curve. But 5 years later, Jordan tripled his sales  through creative marketing tactics. He and his wife are now proud owners of Little & Lively. A children’s clothing company that grew from a small home business to one of the top 10 baby brands in Canada today. 

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