Ep 129: How To Scale & Sell Content Websites with Ron Stefanski – Part 1

Selling a website can help you make a fortune for yourself. But of course, there’s a ton of preparation for you to do to build up your website for that huge sum. What exactly are these preparations?

In this episode, I’m sharing Part 1 of a training we did in our Inner Circle Mastermind with Ron Stefanski from the One-Hour Professor on how to scale and sell content websites. Ron and I talk about experiences in losses as well as key points in starting and succeeding in the content website business. We also talk about where affiliate sites are headed and what you can do to make more money as an affiliate and also decrease your risk. You are going to want to listen to this podcast

episode. Tune in now!


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Episode Highlights

1. The right time for you to quit your job to start an online business [3:56]

a. Better decision making with alternative income streams [6:25]

2. The story behind Ron’s website sale where he lost 40% revenue [9:58]

a. Plot Twist: How Ron kept moving forward [12:36]

3. Must-do moves before setting up a website for sale [15:21]

4. The importance of connecting with someone you’re selling to [19:59]

5. Affiliates vs. Ads: Which one does Ron prefer? [23:30]

6. The future that Ron sees for affiliate sites [27:22]

7. What companies should realize about affiliates [29:34]


About Our Guest

Ron Stefanski is a business guru who specializes in content sites from which he was able to build a million-dollar website portfolio. He founded the OneHourProfessor with a goal to help aspiring online entrepreneurs create passive income through investing.

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