Ep 131: Why SEO’s Optimize For User Experience & You Should Too with Sam McRoberts

If you’ve been following my podcast, you’ll know that we’ve talked A LOT about how SEO is changing the game for online content today and for the future. 

Welcome back Sam McRoberts CEO of Vudu Marketing and the author of Screw The Zoo. He’s here for another episode on SEO, but this time, we’ll further dive in on how you can make the most out of a very important part on your site– your user’s experience!

Sam will be taking us through how to audit your site, boost the user experience, protect yourself from the bad stuff like negative SEO and cyber attacks, and how to think like Google so we can get ahead.

Sam is simply one of the best people in SEO to learn from. Having him here makes for an incredible episode.

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Episode Highlights

  1. The laundry list: SEO audits you can do right now  [0:48]
  2. How to create a really good user experience  [07:12]
    • Speed and visual interface [07:54]
    • Putting yourself in the shoes of your users  [08:48]
  3. Make your opt-in work for you  [11:49]
  4. Keeping up with the ever changing Google algorithm [16:15]
  5. Sam on what to look out for when buying a site [20:42]
  6. Bulletproof your site from negative SEO and other risks [24:18]
  7. Learning how to think like Google  [28:37]
  8. How to get clickbaits pouring in to make simple content standout [32:52]
  9. How Google is providing solutions for audio and video content  [35:47]
  10.  Sam’s ideas on personalization for audio and video [37:30]
  11. Why data is Google’s biggest advantage [39:12]
  12. Top 3 SEO tools you should starting using [41:43]

About Our Guest

Sam McRoberts is the CEO of Vudu Marketing, a consultancy agency for SEO audits, strategy creation and other SEO related services. He is the author of the highly rated Screw The Zoo and has been featured in several publications Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur Moz.com, QuickSprout, Amex and more. 

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