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Ep 132: Buying Online Income Streams That Pay Your Bills with Trevor [Buying Websites Case Study]

Trevor started buying websites with a simple goal in mind. Pay his rent!

But buying online business for the first time can get pretty exciting and overwhelming, one can slip down the rabbit hole if not cautious. 

That’s exactly what happened to Trevor, and having him share valuable lessons he learned, what the right kind of mindset first-time buyers would need– were just something I had to have in my podcast. 

Trevor also shares why owning an actual business to learn the ropes was better (and cheaper) for him than getting a business degree. 

If this sounds like something you can relate to, get your headphones ready and tune in to this episode today.

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Episode Highlights

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. Testing the waters of buying an online business [04:14]
  3. Guerilla learning the tech stuff [08:17]
  4. When the penny dropped for Trevor [09:30]
  5. Exploring other types of businesses and how much did those cost [16:02]
  6. Staying afloat when the going gets tough [17:33]
  7. Risk reward and the worst case scenario [21:22]
  8. A good time frame to practice due diligence [22:59]
  9. Best lesson learned from his overall experience [24:06]
  10.  Advice for first time online business buyers [26:25]


About Our Guest

Trevor is one of my younger BOB members whose interest in buying online businesses sparked while as a college student. He tried a bit of Drop Shipping. But it was after graduation where Trevor figured that the best way to learn the business and everything else that came with it, including technical SEO, was to own a company himself.

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