Ep 134: Multi-Millionaire Mindset Strategies To Overcome Any Obstacle with Tom Antion

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? First, start with the right mindset.

Most people want to quit their nine to five jobs to start a business. While being an entrepreneur has more advantages than being an employee, it also entails challenges.

That is why in this podcast, Screw the Commute’s Tom Antion and I will talk about how to have a great mindset that helps you overcome any obstacles. We’ll also look into establishing good customer relationships through email and the biggest dream killer that may ruin your career.

This episode is packed with so much awesomeness and value. Jump in and enjoy!


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Episode Highlights

  1. Tom’s entrepreneurial journey [3:32]
  2. Why most people don’t want a 9-5 job [6:15]
  3. Challenges when starting an online business [9:11]
  4. Building better connections through an email list [13:35]
  5. Principles when selling products and services to clients [17:26]
  6. How to have a solid yet adaptable mindset [22:40]
  7. Ego: The biggest dream killer [31:55]
  8. Being a good business mentor [35:06]
  9. Techniques to keep a positive mindset [39:01]


About Our Guest

Multi-millionaire Tom Antion is an entrepreneur who started making money online back in 1994. He is the host of Screw the Commute, a podcast aimed to inspire business owners to take their businesses to the next level.

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