Ep 136: How To Double Your Traffic with SEO Steve Wiideman

Every online business owner wants to double their traffic with SEO. Who doesn’t?

But the question is, how can you do it without added stress and spending much of your money and time?

In this episode, I sit with an SEO expert, Steve Wiideman of wiideman.com, who has been doing SEO before Google even existed. Learn more about establishing a stronger brand through content and off-page SEO, how to build a content roadmap for your website, strategies you can use to boost traffic, and more!

This podcast episode is packed with valuable knowledge—you won’t finish it empty-handed. Hit that play button now!

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Episode Highlights

  1. Internet marketing before Google [3:40]
  2. The business models Steve worked with [5:57]
  3. Factors to consider for a website to have long-term success [10:03]
  4. Getting the right ad placements [14:12]
  5. Doing competitor research and analysis [16:46]
  6. How to determine what information the people want [23:27]
  7. Building a roadmap for supporting web pages and content [24:56]
  8. Ways a limited team can do off-page SEO [33:10]
  9. The content and off-page side of SEO [35:49]
  10.  Why you should not buy links [38:14]


About Our Guest

SEM and SEO Expert since 1998, Steve Wiideman has helped countless businesses increase their traffic for more than a decade. Steve Wiideman is the CEO of Wiideman Consulting Group, Inc. – The Agency’s SEO Expert, formerly known as SEO Steve. This company aims to provide consulting services and training to online business owners who want to grow their websites.

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1 thought on “Ep 136: How To Double Your Traffic with SEO Steve Wiideman”

  1. That was an awesome podcast. I will forever think of Steve Wiideman as the guy who was doing SEO before Google even existed. Great content and thanks for sharing.

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