Ep 139: How A Digital Marketer & Investor Bought An Online Business Making $1300 per month [Case Study]

Buying a property from your hard-earned money has not been easy. It takes time to decide to venture into this kind of business.

But did you know that buying properties also allows you to buy online businesses and earn a massive amount of passive income with high cash flow and growth?

That’s what Andrel and Kryzia, a power couple from Edmonton, Canada, in our BOB community, did when they bought their first online business and made them bring in $1300 a month! We also dive into the importance of digital marketing in online companies and their goals on turning passive income into a high cash flow and high growth of portfolio on investments.

Interested to learn more about the wealth infinity loop they’re making? Click the play button now and listen to this episode!

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Episode Highlights

  1. Online business as a source of passive income [4:04]
  2. What makes an online business attractive [6:18]
  3. The advantages of owning an online business [10:26]
  4. What social media can do to your online business [13:15]
  5. How digital marketing helps in running an online business  [15:06]
  6. Building and keeping relationships with people [20:55]
  7. Earning through affiliates and content creation [24:39]
  8. The net profit of the online business [28:01]
  9. The challenges of buying a business [30:44]
  10. Advice to anyone who wants to buy websites [39:45]


About Our Guest

Andrel and Kryzia Wisdom are founders of Niched Digital and REET Institute. Their online business helps clients speak directly to their target audience through social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. They also help transform the next generation of BIPOC high school-aged youth in Edmonton into community investors through commercial real estate.


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