Ep 141: How Matt & Ashling Bought A Content Website Making $3K per month Within Just Two Months [Case Study]

​​Investing in an online business may be the most brilliant move for any entrepreneur these days. 

The passive income from a successful online business lets you enjoy activities you’d rather be doing instead of operating a physical store. But without the right skills and mindset, it can quickly turn out to be a belly flop.

Matt and Ashling let us in on their first online business venture. We tear into where the revenue streams are coming from, the amount of time they spend managing it, and how to tune in to your business needs to see it grow.

This episode about content marketing will keep you on the edge of your seat! Hit on the play button now; you’re going to enjoy it.

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Episode Highlights

  1. Why they chose to buy a content website [3:29]
  2. How important it is to connect with sellers and why [11:47]
  3. Due diligence before pulling the trigger: why rushing is a bad idea [14:24]
  4. Their future plans for their business [21:33] 
  5. Matt’s insights and tips on jumping the gun in investing [25:54]


About Our Guest

Matt and Ashling are couples from the US who are members of the BOB community. They have just recently bought their first content website and earned $3,000 within just two months through due diligence and research.

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