Ep 143: Why Buy & Grow A Content Website With Alex Cooper

Many of you here are considering buying websites to gain passive monthly income. But, which one is better? Building a website from scratch and turning it into business or purchasing a content website?

I am here with Alex Cooper of WP Eagle to talk about the benefits of buying content websites, picking the excellent niche, choosing the right hosting for your website, creating good content and hiring writers, and getting started with affiliate marketing.

This episode is jam-packed with valuable information about buying and growing a content website. Click the play button now; you will learn a lot from this episode!

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Episode Highlights

2:53 – Why Buy & Grow A Content Website With Alex Cooper
9:40 – Why Alex buys websites instead of starting from scratch
11:20 – How to choose a winning niche
13:32 – Things Alex checks when buying a content website
17:00 – How to choose the best hosting
24:05 – How to create an article that ranks and get’s lots of traffic
27:53 – Why you shouldn’t buy content & pay per word
30:20 – How to use A.I to create content for your website


About Our Guest

Alex Cooper is the brains behind the brand, and on his YouTube channel, he teaches affiliate marketing and WordPress to the masses. He started by sharing his skills one WordPress, “The world’s most popular CMS system for making Websites,” and that is still his passion. He does videos all the time and tries to help his community and followers to succeed in internet marketing

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