Ep 144: Get a 200% Increase In Organic Traffic In 2 Months For Your E-commerce Business with Benjamin Golden

Everyone can buy a content website for an online business, but not everyone knows how to increase organic traffic to their websites, which is essential for earning profit.

Benjamin Golden, the founder and technical lead of GoldenWeb, is here with us. Together, we will learn why it is essential to start with an audit to get the site’s architecture to generate sales, how he does keyword research and structures his e-commerce content creation, and the importance of link building for e-commerce businesses.

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Episode Highlights

0:00 What you’ll learn in this episode
3:45 Ben increased his clients organic traffic by 200% within 2 months
4:15 How to do an ecommerce SEO audit
7:06 How to fix broken backlinks on you websites
8:30 The top 3 things to check when doing an SEO audit
12:45 Why time is with you NOT against you
16:10 How to grow your ecommerce business after an SEO audit
18:58 How to structure your content creation into a SILO for SEO
21:55 How to spend less on ads in your ecommerce business
25:17 Ben’s link building strategy for ecommerce businesses


benjamin strusnik

About Our Guest

Benjamin Golden is the founder of GoldenWeb, an SEO agency specializing in scaling Shopify brands through organic traffic. GoldenWeb uses a quick-wins approach to SEO, which allows them to generate rapid SEO results for their clients.

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