Ep 145: 6 to 7 Figure Scaling Strategies I Lived By In 2021 To Grow Multiple Business

When most people try to scale their online business they struggle. They listen to a podcast, watch a youtube video or pick up some marketing tactic that helped someone else get an incredible result in their business.

So they work their butt off trying to grow their business the same way, and end up spending a lot of time and money without getting the result they wanted.

In this solo podcast episode Jaryd Krause talks about how to work hard, when to do it and when NOT to do it. He also shares why email marketing and YouTube are great for leveraging content and creating real trust with your audience.

Lastly Jaryd shares why so many people rush into scaling strategies and fail. And what we can do to set ourselves up to win in life or grow our businesses, without having to suffer for it. Click the play button now and listen to this episode!

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Episode Highlights

0:00 – What you’ll learn in this episode
2:37 – How to create leverage as a buyer of a business and win the respect of the seller so they chose your offer over someone else’s
8:18 – How to do email marketing well & make more sales with less money
12:05 – Why you should only work hard in sprints & how that helps you grow
16:04 – You are getting left behind if you are not using YouTube
18:51 –  Jaryd’s philosophy every human should adopt for better mental health



About The Host

Jaryd Krause is a business coach for online entrepreneurs. He has helped multiple businesses scale from 4 to 5 figures, 5 to 6 figures and even 7 to 8 figures. He works with content businesses, ecommerce businesses, Saas and membership businesses to create a strategy unique to each business to reach scale whilst working minimal hours and achieving fulfillment outside of business too.

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