Ep 146: The Easy Way To Earn More With Less Stress with David Ralph

For most, the thought of being able to earn more with less stress seems like a fantasy.

But when I talk to David Ralph from Join Up Dots, you will see why working less actually allows you not to just earn more money, but become a wiser and better person in and out of business.

David and I discuss things like how to overcome obstacles as an entrepreneur, how to discover what our dots are in life and how to turn those dots into stepping stones that push us forward in life.

And it’s not just about making more money, because the less you work the wiser you get. And you quickly realise that money will come so long as you know what to focus your energy on. If you want to learn from one of the best business minds in the world, hit the play button and drink in David’s wisdom.

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Episode Highlights

0:00 – What you’ll learn in this episode
3:55 – Starting with the Metaverse and what is to come from it
6:12 – David’s experience buying a business and when we should cut out losses
10:15 – Why so many people fail in business (your personal belief holds you back)
18:44 – What you should do IF you only want to make money
23:10 – How to overcome obstacles as a business owner
34:40 – channeling your hunger to the right tasks without burning out
43:00 – What joining up dots means and how to do this yourself
48:55 – How to turn those dots into stepping stones towards growth


David Ralph

About The Guest

David ‘Join Up Dots’ Ralph is the stress-free businessman who teaches people to build their dream business in just a few hours per week. David’s podcast ‘Join Up Dots’ is in the Top 0.5% of the best podcasts online. If you want to create the kind of income producing, no boss, no hassles, able to do it in your underpants kind of business then David is the man!

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