Ep 147: Creating Winning YouTube Ads That 3X Your Results with Will Palmer

Running any marketing campaign can be complex and getting results get’s harder and harder each year. You will have noticed Facebook has been making it difficult for most online businesses to get great results from their digital marketing.

This means many entrepreneurs have been forced to migrate or even just diversify over to Youtube and start creating Youtube ads. Which is why Jaryd Krause sat down with multi million dollar media buyer Will Palmer from Tier 11.

Jaryd and Will discuss how to simply migrate from Facebook over to Youtube. How to target the right audience effectively and why the video creative for your ads is important to get right. Even more important than the targeting itself.

They also discuss what your video ads should include, what type of promotion you should run and how to get the best result with your Youtube ads. If you are wanting to dominate Youtube marketing this episode is a must watch, check it out here. 

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Episode Highlights

0:00 – What you’ll learn in this episode
03:21 Welcome Will Palmer
04:20 Why YouTube ads are better than Facebook ads
06:25 How to start experimenting with YouTube ads
09:27 Organic growth with YouTube ads
13:46 Difference Between Facebook And Youtube Ads
16:53 How Do You Know If Part Of The Video Is Good?
19:22 How to target the right audience on YouTube (youtube targeting)
22:44 Keyword targeting for YouTube
25:47 More About Targeting Right Audience For Your Content
27:56 Where To Start With YouTube ads
31:01 YouTube Has Better Conversion Rate Then Facebook
34:09 What is the best converting offer for YouTube ads?
37:00 What Is The Best Way To Attract Audience To Click On Ad?
39:10 Why and how to test your ads


About The Guest

Working at one of the world’s top digital marketing firms Tier 11,     Will Palmer ran over $10 million in Facebook ads and realised many businesses needed to diversify into YouTube ads for the incredible results they were producing. Will now is a YouTube Ads master who helps businesses scale by crafting a great Youtube marketing strategy. 

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