Ep 148: 3 Ways To Grow A Content Website From 4 to 5 Figures Per month

If you are trying to build or grow a content website. There is a 80% chance you are doing it wrong.

Too many people are waiting for the next SEO strategy they hear about to optimize their content website to get ranked higher and increase traffic.

But your strategy to increase website traffic shouldn’t be built on just ‘good seo practices’. There are things that are far more important than that. In this podcast episode I am sharing strategies that I and my clients use to grow our content websites.

Strategies that are so simple, so basic that you’ll be able to work less in your business and actually get far more fulfillment from your content website. Hit the play button and check it out!

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Episode Highlights

0:00 – What you’ll learn in this episode
3:10 – The 80/20 of how to grow a content website                                                                                                                                                        7:00 – How keeping people on your website longer makes you more revenue
9:56 – How to structure your articles so your traffic compounds over time
11:33 – What does quality content look like?
14:47 – Why you should be using keyword phrases in your content and how to get them
17:22 – Never go for backlinks only because they have a high DR (domain rating)
20:20 – How & why to build a community for your content website                                                                                                                24:19 – The BIG BONUS I only teach my coaching clients on how to grow ANY online business



About The Host

Jaryd started out with his first ever website being a travel blog, he then moves to buying membership and ecommerce businesses because he thought they would make more money. That isn’t entirely correct, instead he realised they were more work and far less passive than owning content websites.

Since switching back to buying and growing content websites Jaryd has scaled content websites from 4-5 figures and even 5-6 figures. Check out the podcast for more info.

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